How to declutter your closet

Hey Guys!

New year, new you vibes all around. One of the easiest ways to get a clearer mind, reduce anxiety and stress levels is to declutter your closet.

It’s super easy to get overwhelmed by it, but if you take it step by step, I guarantee you can do it. Just pop on your favorite movie or music and let’s get started.

***If you don’t have 2 plastic Drawer bins- I recommend it!

Step 1:

Create 4 piles of stuff.

STORE-Is for things that you still love- but it’s not currently in season. This could also be something that is a classic staple that you currently don’t wear- but will be back on trend in the future. I love storing my out of season things in a suitcase I don’t use or big plastic bins like this:

THROW- This is for stuff that is stained, has holes or any other damage. Place it all in a trash bag to be thrown away.

GIVEAWAY/SELL-  This is for stuff that no longer fits or you haven’t worn it in over a year. Either put it in a big bag and drop it off at goodwill or sell it on Poshmark.

KEEP– Items that you love and you have worn in the past year.

Step 2:

Take everything out of your closet and place each item in the pile that fits.

Step 3:

Once that is done, instantly put the throw pile in the trash. Then find a spot to put your storage bin/suitcase. This will create more room in your cleaning area so you won’t get overwhelmed.

Step 4:

Things that you want to giveaway-place the bag of your clothes in your car. Then put a reminder in your phone to drop it off. Additionally- items that you want to sell on Poshmark- you can also store in a separate suitcase and put away. I would not recommend selling items as you clean your closet- you want to take your time posting each item making sure the picture/ info looks good. It might take you twice as long to finish your closet-so save it for another rainy day.

Step 5: Nesting

Now that your closet is nice and clean, look at the empty space and plan out how you want it to look!

Do you want your jeans folded? And dresses hung? Ect.

I personally love plastic stacked drawers- since I am notorious for hating to fold. So I try to make everything in my closet majority no folding except for sweater and jeans.

See below for my personal preference for closet space.

  • Blouses, Nice tanks, Dresses and Jackets- are hung up on hangers

  • Then I have 2 sets of plastics drawers that I stack on top of each other:

    • Plastic drawer set 1

    • Drawer 1- Bras/under

    • Drawer 2- Pajamas

    • Plastic drawer set 2:

    • Drawer 1- Workout clothes

    • Drawer 2- Skirts

    • Drawer 3- Tshirts/ Basics

  • On top of these drawers I fold all my jeans.

  • I have a giant basket on the floor of my closet that has all sweatshirts/sweatpants

  • Then I have a hanging 3 stack shelf from target that I am obsessed with that I fold all my sweaters on.

Step 6:

Go through your keep pile and start dividing your clothes between the following categories:




Hang up blouses/ tanks





Workout clothes



Step 7:

Start placing each pile back in based on where you selected it to go from step 5!

Step 8:

Go have a glass of wine and relax!

Happy decluttering,

The little mystic

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