Secrets to longer hair

Hey guys!

If you don’t know me-I have a lot of hair, like an alarming amount of hair. I grew up with natural frizzy curly hair- but have since learned how to maintain it.

For the most part now, I wear my hair straight because I am lazy. Those of you who don’t have curly hair probably don’t know -but curly hair it’s a Sh*#5 ton of work. So to avoid having to take a 45 min shower every morning to wash my hair. I resort to straightening it.

For some reason, I always get complimented on my long thick “mermaid” hair and thought I would share with you all some of my hair commandments.

1. Thou shall NOT wash your hair everyday.

Do not do this unless for some reason you happen to workout everyday. And if you workout everyday maybe relax and don’t. This really can dry out your hair and make it lose it’s natural oils. If you have to wash your hair everyday mix it up so one day is both shampoo and conditioner; the other day is just conditioner.

2. Thou shall use Moroccan oil like it’s your job. 

Moroccan oil is a product that has been sent from the hair gods. It helps my hair in every way. Maybe I am biased because I’m Moroccan but this stuff works! I put a few drops on my hair everyday-paying extra attention to my ends. It makes your hair naturally untangle any knots you might have, and makes it shiny and healthy. I like to imagine that if my hair was hypothetically hungover from a long night of getting straightened, Moroccan oil would be the Advil it needs to regain health.

3. Thou shall use Collagen Powder in your coffee, tea or yogurt.

This stuff is also amazing. Not only does it help digestion, it helps your skin and hair. It has a ton of other benefits too. I have to say, I have been using this stuff for about a month now and have already seen my hair grow longer.

4. Thou shall STOP straightening your hair everyday. 

Avoid this if you can. It literally sizzles off your little ends and just damages your hair in general. I usually straighten my hair max 2 times a week. When I do, I make sure to use a heat protectant serum. The other days I brush it out and make natural waves by putting it in a braid.

5. Thou shall apply a mask on your hair every week. 

Once a week I make a homemade hair mask. Now- if you are too lazy, feel free to buy any hair mask that you please. It’s so important to your hair to feel the love since it goes through so much and often gets neglected. I swear by my homemade mask.I have been doing them for the past year and have seen my hair grow a lot longer. I mix together some olive oil, some coconut oil ( heat up in the microwave so it’s liquid) and egg. I massage it in to my hair let it sit for 20 mins, then rinse it out.

Hope your hair get so big it looks like it’s full of secrets.


The little Mystic