CBD 101

Hey guys! 

If have you have summer time stress I’m here to give you a great solution. Let’s talk about latest craze called CBD.

It’s not weed-but it offers all the health benefits of it, just without the THC so you don’t actually get high. It just relaxes your body and mind to help chill you out. 

If you have anxiety, stress, worries, have trouble sleeping, or even have back aches CBD could be a great natural resource.

Want to try it out- but not sure how to start? Don’t worry there are plenty of options. I have rounded out a few of my favorites. 

CBD gummies– 

This one is super easy and my go to choice for enjoying CBD. Just eat one gummy a day and you’ll be feeling chilled out in no time. My two recommendations and favorite brands are Not Pot and Sunday scaries. 

Not pot, Vegan Gummies, 35$

Vegan CBD Gummies, 30-Day Supply

Sunday scaries, Gummies, 31$


CBD Lotion-

Have a muscle ache, cramps or just want your body to feel relaxed? Get some CBD lotion and your body will feel brand spankin’ new. 

Lord Jones, CBD lotion 60$


CBD oil-

This one is a bit advanced. CBD oil usually comes with a dropper. Depending on the size of the bottle it will tell you how much to use per dose. The directions will say squeeze it under your tongue. My recommendation is to add it to lemonade, matcha or ice coffee and enjoy! 

Shea, CBD Full Spectrum oil, 69$



All in all enjoy some CBD and chill out! I am the worlds biggest worry wart and I have noticed a huge difference in my anxiety and stress when I use it! 

Stay chill, 

The little mystic